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OMDNet OMDNet (known to many as "NetVision") is an Internet-based product that allows your company to host dedicated web sites for your customers to provide seamless e-commerce transactions.

Customers receive a secure log-in and password that allow them to view data related to their account, to log service calls, to order products, and to enter meter reads. OMDNet is linked directly to your OMD® data, and displays the information and functionality you select for your customers. It also updates data on a real-time basis.

OMDNet is customizable. You control the features each customer sees, and you can easily modify the site's appearance.

OMDNet facilitates Direct Meter Read Interfaces  with various hardware and software platforms, connecting metered equipment in the field directly to your OMD Software. Kyocera Mita and OMD Corporation announced the industry’s first integrated, seamless meter read collection solution in 2002. Since then, FM Audit, Imaging Portals, Konica Minolta, Lanier, Muratec, MWAi, Okidata, Panasonic, PrintFleet, Print Tracker, Ricoh, Savin, and Sharp have introduced similar direct-interface products. Meter readings are automatically transmitted to OMD® using OMDNet as the collection point.

Automatic meter read collection allows you to automatically receive meter reads on a designated date each month with no manual intervention. This process is 100% accurate with no chance of transpositions, missing digits, or partial meters. When meter reads are collected and entered manually, the potential for error increases when equipment contains multiple meters; with automatic meter read collection, the process occurs flawlessly and on schedule. Automatic meter read collection eliminates time-consuming phone calls to customers, and improves invoice accuracy and cash flow.

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Wireless Connectivity

OMD Bar Code Scanning OMD's Bar Code Scanning solution utilizes standalone, handheld devices to collect physical inventory data, transfers, and receiving transactions, and to transmit the data to OMD. Click here to see how one OMD Customer saves time and money with this product.

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Report & Query Interface

OMD Certified Solution Provider U/SQL Transoft U/SQL Report & Query Interface accesses the OMD data files using Windows applications with this ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) enabling tool. Produce reports, inquiries, charts, and graphs through export operations. A customized Universal Data Dictionary is available which provides a “relational view” of OMD data formats. Popular desktop information management and development tools such as Microsoft Excel and Access, Crystal Reports, Impromptu, Lotus 1.2.3, and Visual Basic may be used.

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Electronic Business Forms

OMD Certified Solution Provider PlanetPress Design PlanetPress Design 6 integrates with OMD software, eliminating pre-printed forms and impact printers, realizing significant cost savings, and improving document workflow for your transactional documents.

PlanetPress 6 is OMD's e-forms solution for printing your transactional documents such as invoices and proposals.

Pre-formatted OMD Forms with your logo are also available.

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Integrated E-mailing and Faxing

PlanetPress Suite OMD Certified Solution Provider PlanetPress Suite 6 enhances PlanetPress Design 6 by adding the ability to print to remote printers, output to e-mail, archive, and fax.  The Suite is made up of PlanetPress Design, PlanetPress Watch, PlanetPress Imaging, and PlanetPress Server.

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Auto-Run and Report Scheduling

WinBatch WinBatch software, a product of Wilson WindowWare, can be used to automatically generate OMD reports and updates on a cyclical schedule (daily, weekly, monthly).  It can also be used to automate Monarch, Access, and Excel sessions.

WinBatch is a script file interpreter. Each line in a WinBatch script contains a statement written in WIL (Wilson WindowWare's Windows Interface Language). This user-friendly language consists of functions, commands, physical constants, and operators that can be used to do all these functions and more:

  • Run Windows and DOS programs (cyclical schedule, on demand)
  • Send keystrokes directly to applications
  • Run programs either concurrently or sequentially
  • Display information to the user in various formats
  • Prompt the user for any needed input
  • Copy text to and from the clipboard
  • Read and write files directly
  • Copy, move, delete and rename files
  • Perform string and arithmetic operations

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