OMD® Products

OMD® software (known in the industry as "OMD Vision") is a comprehensive integrated business solution that provides the highest level of efficiency in handling mission critical business tasks.

The integration allows the benefits of the system to be shared by all personnel. Creating an environment that promotes teamwork and allows the efforts of each employee to produce greater results.  More >>

Product Accessories


OMDNet is an Internet-based product that allows your company to host dedicated web sites for your customers to provide seamless e-commerce transactions.

OMDNet facilitates Direct Meter Read Interfaces with various hardware and software platforms connecting metered equipment in the field directly to your OMD software, allowing you to automatically receive meter reads on a designated date each month with no manual intervention.   More >>

OMD Bar Code Scanning

Collects and transmits physical inventory data, transfers, and receiving transactions to OMD. More >>


ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) enabling tool that can be used in connection with OMD's Relational Database Repository.   More >>

PlanetPress Design

Electronic business forms software that improves workflow for your transactional documents.  More >>

PlanetPress Suite

Enhances PlanetPress 6 by adding the ability to print to remote printers, output to e-mail, archive, and fax.   More >>


Wilson WindowWare's auto-run and report scheduling software.   More >>